Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Monks

Console PS2
Genre Action
Region EU , DE
Publisher Midway Games
Released NA: September 16, 2005
EU: September 30, 2005

Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Monks is an action, fighting video game genre. The story revolves around the two main characters, Liu Kang and Kung Lao, members of Shaolin Temple. They are on a journey to stop Shang Tsung’s plot to dominate the Earth. In order to do that, they must adventure through many countries and fight many enemies here. Unlike other games in the series, Shaolin Monks brings a lot of role-playing genres when you have to overcome the pitfalls, gather resources and fight with many enemies at the same time, each enemy destroyed. a certain amount of experience makes the character stronger and can unlock new skills and beautiful Fatality moves.

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