NCAA March Madness 2003

NCAA March Madness 2003
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer NuFX
Genre Sports
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NCAA March Madness 2003 is the second appearance of Electronic Arts' college basketball series on the PlayStation 2. Compared to the previous year's version, it adds several new game modes and also includes several of the new control options previously seen in NBA Live 2003. Returning modes from the predecessor are single games and tournaments, along with the Create-A-School mode. Newly added are single seasons and the multi-season dynasty mode. The number of available teams has increased to over 160. More authentic team mascots and fight songs have also been added. A major change in controls are the Freestyle Controls reused from NBA Live 2003: using the right analog stick allows for a wide variety of offensive moves. The Quick Plays functionality that allows quick playcalling via the d-pad has also been added.

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