Saint Seiya – The Sanctuary

Console PS2
Genre Fighting
Region EU
Publisher Bandai
Released JP: April 7, 2005
EU: June 30, 2005

Saint Seiya – The Sanctuary is a fighting game genre. The story begins when Athena, the Peace Goddess, is imprisoned. Join the game, you will play the role of a Saint Seiya going to the palaces and fighting 12 Gold Saints to save the goddess’s life. Each Gold Saint will have a unique power related to the astrology they own. In battles you can choose a lot of characters to fight, each of them has their own fighting styles and abilities. Continuous attacks, dodging and counterattacking are things you need to grasp carefully. In addition, when a character is attacked, a gauge will gradually be filled, it will help the character to create special skills with great damage, but it can also be reflected if the enemy has enough reaction.

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