Silent Hill – Shattered Memories

Silent Hill – Shattered Memories
Console PS2
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
Genre Other
Region AU , EU , JP
Downloads 10
Released NA: 8 December 2009
EU: 26 February 2010
JP: 25 March 2010
AU: 22 April 2010
2.8/5 (10 votes)
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Silent Hill – Shattered Memories is a survival horror genre game and is part of the Silent Hill series developed by Climax Studios, which was first released on January 19, 2010. The setting of the game is still Silent City Hill is familiar, where Harry Mason lives happily with his daughter Cheryl. But a car accident happened to him when he woke up he no longer saw his daughter. Now he has to wander the snowy streets of Silent Hill alone in search of his daughter. Join the game you will play the role of the main character Harry, your task is to search for Cheryl and survive before the monsters in this city. You have a phone and a flashlight, the phone allows you to check your location via GPS and can take pictures to see the blurred out, in addition, you will receive some calls and messages. The message helps open the plot or is a bit of a clue. There will be times when you are transferred to another space called “Nightmare”, this is also the place where strange phenomena occur and where you encounter monsters disgusting. You can’t fight them, you can just hide and run away.

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