Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region US , EU , JP , Asia , FR , DE , KR , AU
Publisher 2K Games
ReleasedOctober 20, 2009

“Borderlands” is a game in the genre of first-person shooter action open world that many fans of this genre pay special attention. It is the first game in the “Borderlands” series developed by Gearbox Software and released by 2K Games for different platforms including: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Shield Android TV. Launched worldwide for the first time in March 2009, “Borderlands” has proven itself as the game was rated as the best among the games of the same genre at that time. More than 2 million copies were sold over the world from the beginning. With that success, 2K Games decided to release four more DLCs: “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned”, “Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot”, “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx” and “Claptrap’s”. New Robot Revolution “brings different storylines for players to experience a new story, as well as many features and different open worlds for players to explore. The plot of the game will revolve around a group of four called “Vault Hunters”, who travel to a distant planet Pandora to hunt down an alien vault when heard it is stored a technologically advanced of that race. During the expedition, they had to fight the wild animals and the indigenous names on the planet, eventually having to find a way to stop the head of a private corporation army from reaching the vault first.

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