Burnout Paradise

Console PS3
Genre Racing
Region EU
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released 22 January 2008

Referring to “Burnout Paradise”, many players in the world will think of an extremely attractive and dramatic open-world racing game with gameplay, unlike other ones. The game was developed by the Criterion Games and was released by the developer Electronic Arts in 2008. From the first day, it was launched, “Burnout Paradise” has shown its appeal with unique gameplay featured. The game has received a lot of positive reviews from game critics, giving many compliments for giving players a great sense of speed, praising the open-world game for the first in the “Burnout” series. The game also received several awards in 2008 from Spike TV, GameTrailers, and GameSpot with the title “Best Driving Game”. With brand new gameplay, players experience a racing game without a goal in a large open-world “Paradise City”. Players will be involved in a melee battle between cars in the city of Paradise. Players just drive to attack and knock out their opponents in every way such as squeezing the car, pushing rivals entangled with each other … until becoming piles of scrap iron. The game will store a player’s score in the driver’s license, including statistics such as survival time and the biggest crash on any road. With the open-world gameplay, players can also freely drive to explore all areas in the city of Paradise.

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