Call of Duty 3

Genre Action , Fighting
Region EU
Publisher Activision
ReleasedNovember 14, 2006

“Call of Duty 3” is a first-person shooter game extremely popular in the hit game series “Call of Duty”. The game was developed by Treyarch and developed by Activision on many different platforms. Released for the first time on November 7, 2006, “Call of Duty 3” has received positive reviews from game critics and has won numerous awards from game publications for best shooting and sound design. In the game, there are two different team modes that allow players to choose including Campaign mode and Multiplayer mode. In Campaign mode, players will experience from the perspective of many soldier characters from many different armies including the US, UK, Canada, and Poland. The game took place in 1944 and contained specific missions for four major Allied campaigns in the Battle of Normandy. Players will be involved in a variety of missions including capturing checkpoints, eliminating enemies at a designated location, controlling tanks and marking targets in air strikes. The gameplay is no different from previous versions, players will easily get used to the game from the first experience of the game.

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