Doom 3 BFG Edition

Genre Other
Region EU , AU
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
ReleasedNA: October 16, 2012
AU: October 18, 2012
EU: October 19, 2012

“Doom 3 BFG Edition” a thrilling action game series was released to the 2012 players of developer Id Software Panic Button. This is an updated game with new data compared to the previous Doom 3 series. The audio systems have been better edited by the developer Id Software Panic Button. The game’s graphics map is upgraded to a new level more beautiful and more realistic. Coming to the game, players will be able to participate in beautiful 3D matches with charismatic action scenes. The main antagonists in the game are flood funds in hell and zombies. Step into the game players will incarnate into a final member of the Bravo team to destroy them in order to destroy the intention of invading the evil of this fund. In this game, the developer has expanded to a new single-player mode called The Lost Mission. Players can use both flashlight and weapon when participating in combat. To avoid being destroyed by the opponent, the player must quickly attack and kill them and pass the levels given in the game to complete the mission. This game has brought a lot of revenue to the game company with more than 3.5 million games sold.

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