Console PS3
Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher EA Sports
Released September 27, 2016

FIFA 17 is considered one of the most successful football sports games in the “FIFA” cult series that developer Electronic Arts has created. This is the first version in the series to build on the Frostbite (Battlefield) engine, giving players the best insight into how the game’s graphical aspect is improved compared to its predecessors. First released in September 2016, “FIFA 17” has impressed all fans of the “FIFA” series with many new innovations in features and unique gameplay. The most special feature is the game also introduces a new story mode, “The Journey”, players will play a young player named Alex Hunter, who has just joined the club’s training course of Manchester United. Alex has a big dream of becoming a professional footballer like his grandfather. With a burning desire to conquer the peak of the Premier League, the model Alex always aims to be is a dangerous and comprehensive striker. In the game, players can choose to enter any club in the Premier League season. The player can only play in an upfield position as a right-winger, striker, left-winger or central attacking midfielder. In addition, players can meet famous guests from other clubs such as James Rodriguez, Marco Reus and Harry Kane.

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