Gran Turismo 5

Genre Racing
Region EU , JP , AU
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
ReleasedNovember 24, 2010

For those who are loyal fans of racing games, it is impossible to ignore the well-known game “Gran Turismo 5” in the famous racing game “Gran Turismo”. The game was developed by Polyphony Digital studio and released exclusively on Sony Computer Entertainment’s PS3. All the games in the “Gran Turismo” series are highly regarded for their realistic racing simulation and very detailed and meticulous graphics. With version “Gran Turismo 5” promises to be the best racing game while retaining the advantages of the previous versions as well as adding many unique features. In the game, the player is selected to use more than 1,000 racing cars of different cars, 29 locations as well as 77 different tracks. All of those features make to give players the excitement to experience all the above challenges of racing and be confronted with 16 different players around the world. “Gran Turismo 5” is critically acclaimed as one of the most commercially successful titles, becoming the second best-selling PlayStation 3 game in the series with over 10 million copies sold. This will definitely be a game that helps players can relax at home in their spare time.

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