Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Console PS3
Publisher Activision
Genre Other
Region AU , EU
Views 32
Released EU: September 24, 2010
NA: September 28, 2010
AU: September 29, 2010
4/5 (4 votes)
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“Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock” is a music game developed by Neversoft and released by Activision. This is the 6th in the “Guitar Hero” series and was released in December 2010. “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock” has similar gameplay to its predecessors, players will be Experience a four-person band with each player using multiple controllers corresponding to each musical instrument to simulate playing the main guitar, bass guitar, drums and rhythmic vocals in the game. In addition, the game introduces a new story mode, in which the player must recruit eight characters each with a unique ability to modify the game’s mechanics to together defeat a villain called “The Beast”. The game’s plot also incorporates Rush’s song “2112”, as well as “Sudden Death”, a new song performed by Megadeth to serve as its peak. “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock” also carries core gameplay and the Multiplayer mode introduced by “Guitar Hero 5”, including bonus challenges for each song and the ability to use the power from Story mode in standard gameplay.

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