Hannah Montana: The Movie

Genre Adventure
Region US
Publisher Buena Vista Games

Referring to “Hannah Montana”, many people will immediately think of the famous Disney TV series, with content about the humorous life of a young and talented singer, Hannah Montana. Coming to the movie version of the series, “Hannah Montana: The Movie” has received a lot of compliments on the content as well as the humor that the film brings. With the success of the film, the developer n-Space decided to make a game named after the movie’s name. This is an adventure game developed by n-Space and released in 2009. Players will be immersed in two main characters including Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana, to explore Crowley Corners together. Players can also meet and interact with family members or friends of Miley’s on missions. In the game, the player can unlock key items for Hannah’s concerts, such as the songs and venue of the concert required by the quest. In concert mode, players perform on 6 different stages to 9 Hannah songs (3 songs from the movie). Players can join band members and play with them on drums, keyboards or guitars. Players can only perform songs in concert locations that have been unlocked in Story Mode. Players will earn points from performances and when a task is completed. This point can be used to buy additional clothes and accessories, giving players the freedom to create a dress for their character.

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