Hitman: Absolution

Console PS3
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Square Enix
Released WW: 20 November 2012

“Hitman: Absolution” is considered one of the most successful blockbusters in the world gaming market. Thanks to this version, it made the names of IO Interactive developer and manufacturer Square Enix. It is the 5th version of the previous “Hitman” series but this new version is still the game that has made more success, thus creating the idea for the developer to launch a new game called “Hitman” in 2016. The game belongs to the genre of stealth roleplaying action, shooting from a third perspective. The game content is the high-profile assassinations of Agent 47, an undercover agent of the ICA with the target of the game being Diana Burnwood, who 47 trusted but now betrayed ICA. He murdered her and recognized the evil intent of ICA through her last words and his mission of choosing it is to protect little Victoria, rescued by Diana herself from ICA headquarters away from evil experiments. It was Agent 47 that fulfilled her wish to abandon her current mission and then betray the organization and he fought back the organization. In addition to having a very coherent plot, the game also has unique gameplay, when Agent 47 himself has the talent to assassinate targets many ways, each assassination type will be found by the player when playing. Once again, the types of assassinations found may surprise you when the game gives you in-game rewards. On the other hand, like previous versions, Agent 47 can also disguise as different role-playing characters to make the task easier.

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