Lego: Marvel Super Heroes

Genre Action
Region WW
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive
ReleasedOct 22, 2013

Surely those who love superhero squads can not ignore the small screen Lego: Marvel Super Heroes. This is an action-adventure game where the characters are the superheroes that people often praise. The game was developed by Travel Tales and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This is a masterpiece for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One series … Getting into the eyes of the player is a graphics screen full of fun with funny chibi characters. In addition to the on-screen controller, there is also a map displayed in the corner of the machine for players to observe or the hearts of the characters. Set in an open world, players can explore the plot through adventures in the city. Or the rescue times destroy the wicked to complete the assigned task. In addition to the high-speed gun action, players can also puzzle to hunt for disguised bonuses. Harvesting golden bricks are also one of the ways to overcome challenges and success stories. Based on the increasing levels has made players feel like conquering. That’s why Lego: Marvel Super Heroes is currently the best-selling game of all time.

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