Madden NFL 13

Genre Sport
Region EU , AU
Publisher EA Sports
ReleasedAU: August 30, 2012
EU: August 31, 2012

Coming to the developer EA Tiburon we will immediately know a new blockbuster game launched to football fans worldwide “Madden NFL 13”. This is a football video game based on the National Football Federation released by cult gaming firm EA Sports. This is the next game series of the previously released Madden NFL series. “Madden NFL 13” was released to gamers in 2012. It has received great buzz about the gameplay as well as new in-game innovations from critics around the world. Like the previous series, the game will be divided into 2 rounds with the time of each half being 90 minutes, but there is a new change that the halftime break has been cut. Players participating in the match will lead their team in certain squads to be able to fight easily. “Madden NFL 13” also has a light mode that appears according to the hours of football matches to simulate the actual time. In addition, the game also has a multiplayer online mode that helps players to participate in other Premier League matches with other online rivals.

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