Medal of Honor Airborne

Console PS3
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released August 28, 2007

Recently, EA Los Angeles developer introduced to the audience a unique first-person shooter in WW II. Medal of Honor Airborne was released by EA Los Angeles on mobile devices worldwide in August 2007. This is the eleventh instalment of the Medal of Honor series to talk about American paratroopers in combat, fights against enemies in Europe. The game has 2 modes for player, single-player and multiplayer online. With single player mode, players will play a paratrooper character to complete the assigned tasks. In the online mode, players will choose their allied team to join the fight. Players will start their game by selecting any point on a map and skydiving down there. Players can buy weapons or ammunition in the game or buy in the store. A first aid kit is one of the essential items that players should have in their inventory if seriously injured. The status bar displayed in the game helps players understand the number of ammunition, the compass to track allies and enemies in the directions around the player.

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