MLB 10: The Show

Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher SCEA
ReleasedMarch 2, 2010

“MLB 10: The Show” is a game that brings players to baseball which is very popular in countries across the Pacific. Created by Sony Computer Entertainment with a San Diego branch, the game is part of the Playstation series of the same name and is officially licensed by Playstation. The game is improved more than the previous version in terms of graphics. The ability to handle situations of the AI players when the pitches, protective pins, shooting balls in the defense strategy are very accurate in order to create many difficulties for the attackers. However, it is also unavoidable unfortunate mistakes that increase the drama of the game. A new “Home Run Derby” mode has been added to the game, this mode allows the player to earn points by scoring shots of Home Run making the ball out of the field, to be able to achieve this shot requires the skill and power of the batter to be high, the points will be calculated by the number of times you scored Home Run during your turn. In addition to that mode, there is a “Road to the Show” mode for catcher players, allowing you to play players in the catcher position and gradually become a famous player. “Movie Maker” mode allows players to create a movie of their own highlights, it could be Home Run shots or passes with unpredictable orbit and share it with your friends.

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