ModNation Racers

Genre Other
Region EU
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
ReleasedMay 19, 2010

Explore the world-wide racetrack with the “ModNation Racers” game. A racing video game developed by United Front Games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable systems. Coming to ModNation Racers, players can create their own funny racing characters and oversized super cars to help them overcome all difficult races. With the map showing the race track arranged on the game screen, it is easy for players to easily observe the terrain and the position of the opponents. While participating in the game, players can collect weapons such as sound, rockets and lightning strikes to upgrade the power of the player. With the ability to create characters for the race, players can change the skin color or bring beautiful accessories for characters such as masks or outfits in the game. ModSpot is a main lounge for motorists in ModNation Racers, where players can meet and make new friends and create teams to fight together. With the diverse maps in the game, players can try hard terrain to even flat terrain.

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