NBA 2K16

Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher 2K Sports
ReleasedSeptember 25, 2015

Like the previous sports games, “NBA 2K16” was launched by the famous sports game company 2K Sports in 2015. “NBA 2K16” is a basketball game series adopted by Visual Conception that continue to develop after the series of NBA 2K games. Like the previous series, players will create their players and form a team to participate in the Premier League. The game added new game modes such as an online mode for multiplayer and offline mode for one player to play against the CPU. Besides, players can collect player cards to unlock playing characters, each with different player levels randomly opened. If players want to get the fastest players, they can use virtual currency in the game to buy packages of copper, silver, gold, and rare to open players. In the game’s MyTeam mode, players can create new groups and compete on a 5v5 scale with other online players. Because of this, “NBA 2K16” had become the best-selling game in the series, with more than 4 million copies sold when it was just released.

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