NHL 09

NHL 09
Console PS3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Sport
Region EU , US
Views 5
Released September 9, 2008
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“NHL 09” is the game that gives you the perfect experience of an art sport combined with skill, which is Hockey. “NHL 09” is the 17th game in the series of the same name, developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. In this version, the game company has brought elaborately developed modes to make it closer to the player, including the changes in the button of the game controller when now even though it is rookies or superstars can control the player simply and create beautiful goals. “NHL 09” brings “Be A Pro” mode, a mode that allows the player to create a player of their choice. Then plays matches with that player when he was a rookie the matches will tend to be small, but gradually, with experience, players will be able to participate in more advanced matches, highlighting the player more, as the name “Be A Pro”. The gameplay and graphics of the game have been improved more or less because they were so successful in previous versions, causing developers to keep the best from the previous versions, only to fix minor limitations of the game. “NHL 09” is highly rated for its quality and improvement in gameplay and graphics.

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