NHL 10

Console PS3
Genre Sport
Region EU , AU
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released September 15, 2009

Ice hockey is one of the sports that are most interested in gaming. Like the previous series, NHL 10 was developed and published by EA Canada, Electronic Arts, turned on sports games. In the game, players will create the characters they want in their own team. With the ice rink being a flat surface for teams to play, ice skates and bats are crucial for the players. The health indicators or skills that a player has are factors for players to easily choose the player. Team up and win each battle to upgrade your character to the next level with gifts received after each mission. Players will cleverly use smart strategies. By moving on the ice and hitting the ball into the net to score a goal, giving the opponent a formidable pressure. With attractive mission systems or charismatic tournament tournaments, players will be eager to set up a feat to record gold names on the season rankings. And don’t forget to invite your friends to join the invincible team in online modes to satisfy your challenge.

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