Red Dead Redemption

Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Publisher Rockstar Games
Released May 18, 2010

When it comes to the Wild West, many people will think of the cowboys wearing suits, Stetson hats, equipping themselves with a revolver or rifle and riding on horseback to travel around the Wild West. Thereby leaving many attractive people through dramatic gun battles between the cowboys in the old towns or experience a wild life on the vast land of the Western United States. of the 19th century. With Red Dead Redemption promises to give players a very honest experience about the lives of cowboys on the vast land of the Wild West. Developed by one of the world-famous game studios Rockstar Game, which has created many titles in the genre of open-world adventure action, especially the Grand Theft Auto series. Released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it has received a lot of positive reviews from game critics with a third-person perspective in the lively open world that has brought players. an extremely interesting experience. In the game, the player will play John Marston, a former member of a notorious Western bandit who is being taken advantage of by the government while imprisoning his wife and son. There was no other way, he had to bring his three former accomplices to justice.

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  1. Hello, please advise me what to do I download and installed. But error shows “to use this content please renew the license.”. Please help how to fix it…

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