Genre Other
Region EU , JP , AU
Publisher Ubisoft
ReleasedNA: October 18, 2011
EU: September 28, 2012
AU: September 13, 2012
JP: October 11, 2012

“Rocksmith” a music video game was released to players in 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is a pretty unique game for music products produced by Ubisoft. Unlike other music games, Rocksmith is known to be able to use real instruments such as a guitar. With a Guitar of its own, the player can connect to the game to use them. This is too easy for those who have been good at Guitar before. With the exact simulation of the guitar in the game, players can use real-time string strings to catch the beat of the songs. By selecting the songs available in the game that players want to experience, they will see the notes running on the screen to the beat of them. The remaining thing that the player will do is play the guitar in accordance with this rhythm. If players earn Rocksmith points in-game modes they will open up new challenges and new songs will be released according to the player’s playing levels. Being able to use the guitar to control the game, Rocksmith has received a lot of praise from critics for this realistic gameplay.

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