Genre Other
Region EU , AU
Publisher EA Sports
ReleasedNA: February 28, 2012
AU: March 1, 2012
EU: March 2, 2012

“SSX” is also known as the very attractive ski simulation game from the popular series “SSX” of Electronic Arts. The game was developed and published by EA Canada on February 28, 2012. Ever since its launch, “SSX” has been well received by the fans of the series, as well as popular titles critics appreciate the fascinating gameplay. Besides, they give many positive comments on extremely realistic and unique graphic images, especially the diversity in the design of the games that are based on real-life glacial mountains. Thereby, “SSX” is considered one of the most successful games of EA. In the game, players will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of being skied on the huge snow mountains extremely majestic, as well as performing the ultimate skateboarding techniques. “SSX” provides players with 3 game modes including Race it, Trick it and Survive it. With Race mode, achievements will be assessed based on your fast or slow race time. Meanwhile, Trick it mode will evaluate based on the number of times and the difficulty of the technical phases that you perform, the harder, the more dangerous, the more points you will gain. With Survive mode, the task of the player is to try to survive until the end of the screen. In addition, the game also offers a ghost race mode so that players can compete with friends. In addition, the game also offers a Ghost race mode, allowing players to compete with friends.

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