Genre Other
Region EU , JP
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Released August 28, 2007

Those who want to take the flight of astronauts, come to Warhawk, but not soaring but a heavy flight in parallel with intense action. Coming to Warhawk, players will experience both ground vehicles and sky suits with a variety of super weapons. This is a shooter developed by the developer Incognito Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. The game was released with 6 maps available and game types like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zones, Capture the Flag, Hero and Collection. With the context of science fiction wars, players will have many fierce battle campaigns. An jeep, tank or air battleship will help players move quickly to dodge counter attacks from opponents and shoot guns to destroy the enemy troops in the distance. In addition, on the player screen, there is also a huge weapon, a rocket, launched to help players destroy endangered enemies. Warhawk also has clan modes that players can create or participate in to make online contest events. Be careful of fraud, as you may get a temporary or permanent ban from the referee.

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