Watch Dogs

Genre Action , Adventure
Region US , EU
Publisher Ubisoft
ReleasedMay 27, 2014

“Watch Dogs”, the brainchild of Ubisoft launched in 2014, is an open-world action role-playing game and it is a very unique game in terms of both content and creative play. Ubisoft’s previous hit works such as Assassin Creed, Far Cry, … Chicago’s space simulation game in the US, where technology has now grown so strong, people connecting information together through a huge system that distributes the whole city, which is CTOS. The system is so powerful that they take control of any automated device in the city, including mobile devices, if there is a registration to it. But that’s an advantage for hackers to intrude and manipulate devices registered into CTOS. From there we know the character Aiden Pearce, a professional hacker who has found a way to hack into this system and use them as a way to manipulate things to perform game tasks, especially every action such as control cars, fences, ATMs, … thanks to Aiden’s special phone, built to hack and remotely control those devices. The game allows players to use attack skills with a variety of weapons for missions. Especially Aiden’s baton when it is very convenient for the stealthy knockout phase without spending a bullet, driving cars from motorcycles to supercars throughout the big city. Most impressive is the feature of the phone when you can use it to escape the pursuit of the police, the enemy, or just your happy moments.

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