Batman: Return to Arkham

Console PS4
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Publisher Square Enix
Released August 25, 2009

Surely gamers will be too familiar when it comes to the name Batman. Exactly as people think, this is one of the legendary characters indispensable in the action-adventure game of the superheroes. The culmination of it was the release of a separate game series bearing the character’s name. “Batman: Return to Arkham” is one of the games released around the world that has the biggest fan base from its hotness. The game occupies a mere 47.26 GB for PlayStation 4 game consoles, with that amount of capacity, it’s too easy to own a famous game like this. Entering the game, players will definitely be transformed into Batman, a cosmic superhero with mutant superpowers. Players will control the character to participate in confrontation with the notorious villains to bring them to light and protect innocent people. With the cloak fitted in the game character costume, players can control Batman hovering in the air like the bats hiding in the dark to launch sneaky attacks on targets in the mission.

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