Bound by Flame

Console PS4
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region WW
Publisher Focus Home Interactive
Released WW: December 3, 2015

Are you a mercenary bound by fire from the bottom of your heart? Do you want to unleash this evil fire to destroy the evil people around you? Coming to the game “Bound by Flame”, you will be able to do that through the terrifying battles built into this video game. “Bound by Flame” was built by game studios into an extremely attractive, action-packed arcade game set of the great powers of the past. Entering this game, “Bound by Flame” allows you to create your own character with customizations available from the three character models in the game. “Bound by Flame” offers players a variety of adventure missions depending on the character’s choices. You will be provided with basic equipment such as armor and iron swords. The task of the player is to participate in destroying the enemies in the game with different fighting styles. In addition to weapon attacks, players can create traps and develop their skills on opponents in the game with close-range battles.

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