Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Atlus
ReleasedApril 29, 2014

“Daylight” is one of the survival horror game sets that gives players the most thrilling moments ever. Known as the game of the horror genre, but if you brave explore all the stories in it sure that you will enjoy this game right away. Stepping into this video game, you will be transformed into a mysterious woman named Sarah, who somehow has been at the abandoned hospital and does not know how to escape. get that place. With your ingenious business, help Sarah escape this dangerous hospital and avoid the mysterious monsters built in it. The game is arranged around the area covered with darkness, the item that you have to continue the journey is a mobile phone. You will use it to provide light and follow the walkways in this hospital maze to find guide maps. If the hospital’s remnants are fully collected, you will unlocked the next area of ​​the building. Be careful because the deeper you sink into the level, the mysterious monster will appear.

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