Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

Genre Action
Region WW
Publisher SCEA

Doomsday began with thousands of infected zombies rampant around the world, to continue the classic battles of the previously released Dead Nation series, come to the video game “Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition”. This game set will promise to bring you the most epic moments of the series of this series. Similar to the previous series, you will be able to join the game with a character that can be male or female, you can customize to fight different types of zombies built through each level. The game will take place in a mysterious dark space, so players will be provided with some basic equipment at the beginning of the game such as flashlights and guns. Your task is to use a flashlight to move in the dark and kill the zombies in your play area. Each area is neatly leveled so you can move around to collect other items as well as bonuses that will randomly be found before you move through other levels of the game. Shops around the playing area can help players upgrade their weapons.

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