EA Sports UFC

Genre Fighting
Region WW
Publisher EA Sports
ReleasedJune 17, 2014

EA Sports, a popular gaming company with a series of sports games in the world, is gaining a large fan base from around the globe because of the popularity of the most popular sports games released over the years. To mark this genuine monopoly, EA Sports has released a martial arts fighting game set named after its own game “EA Sports UFC”. The game was released by EA Sports based on the brand of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for the exclusive PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in 2014. Coming to the game, you will be able to step into Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed matches with nicely developed gameplay in it. Players will be allowed to create their own playable characters to be able to participate in thrilling battles on the arena. The player’s task is to use his martial arts moves to knock the opponent down, keeping the back of the opponent to the floor during the whistle-blower the player will win. The intense victories of players on the stage will be credited to the player’s Career Mode, enabling them to unlock plans to advance their careers.

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