Console PS4
Genre Sport
Region WW
Publisher EA Sports
Released September 22, 2015

Join EA Sports and challenge yourself to the “FIFA 16” video game series. If you are a true fan of this game company, you will surely know “FIFA 16” is the sum of the sports presented here. Like many other versions of the soccer game, “FIFA 16” has been developed in series over the years. Connected from the original game series of this series “FIFA 16” is known as one of the best soccer game sets ever released worldwide. Coming to “FIFA 16” you will experience the simulated football matches of the association tournaments in this electronic playground and for the first time in the FIFA series. This is the game series with the participation of Series of female players. The task of the player is built like other games to create their own squad and lead them through the season games with the best rival teams around the world. If the player wins every game, their career will go up and their players will be upgraded.

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