Life is Strange

Console PS4
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Square Enix
Released 20 October 2015

“Life is Strange” a new game by developer Dontnod Entertainment has just been released in 2015. If you want to embark on a new experience, “Life is Strange” is a great offer for you. The game is known for 5 consecutive releases in 2015 with stories revolving around the protagonist Max Caulfield. Coming to the game, you will be an epic adventure in the fictional context of Arcadia Bay with the utopian. Transforming into the character Max Caulfield, you will be returning to an 18-year-old student with the ability to super-photograph the character’s superpowers. Players will be given a mysterious ability to rewind time at any time to perform the butterfly effect. To prevent a storm preparing to destroy the town of Max Caulfield, the player must help the character complete the environmental change missions given during play. Players can interact with objects and solve branching puzzles in conversations to fetch environmental change missions. The ability to rewind time allows players to travel back to previous spaces to find answers in current puzzles.

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