Murdered: Soul Suspect

Console PS4
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Publisher Square Enix
Released June 3, 2014

Death is the end? Is not! If you experience the “Murdered: Soul Suspect” game set, you will know the interesting things behind this solid affirmation. Surprised, right? When you are the one who can use your soul to participate in mysterious cases around the world while your body has died. Entering the game “Murdered: Soul Suspect” you will be able to do even more interesting things as it will bring you into the main character of these crazy stories. Ronan O’Connor, a genuine detective is the character that you will take over when setting foot in the game. You will be killed by the infamous serial killer “The Bell Killer” right from the start, so you will return to Ronan’s soul and take part in investigative missions on this mysterious murderer. The task of the player is to control the character to explore the gameplay areas and complete the levels. Items collected in the game can contain information that helps players find the mysterious murderer with the ghost powers of a soul.

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