NBA 2K14

Genre Sport
Region EU
Publisher 2K Sports
ReleasedNA: November 15, 2013
EU: November 29, 2013

Coming to the popular sports game company 2K Sports, gamers will immediately experience sports games that are reproduced by this game company. One of the famous games of this game company is basketball. “NBA 2K14” is a basketball video game developed by Visual Conception and released in 2013. Like the series in the previous series, players will create a squad of players and participate in seasonal matches, or compete against competitors. With the same play as other basketball games, players will control the characters participating in the rounds of basketball matches. If the player wins the tournament round, the player will win the final match and will win attractive prizes. The amount of money the player receives after each match can buy support items for the character that the new player cards. Player Cards will help players unlock the superior players depending on the card attributes that players buy. In addition, the game also adds mode “Training Camp” to help players can learn the controls more proficient in the game.

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