Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
ReleasedMay 24, 2016

Unlike the solitary combat games like the other game versions released over the years, “Overwatch” is a shooting game that promises to give gamers the extremely challenging battle time. Entering the game, players will be able to join a team of 6 people including other online partners to form an invincible group to join the game. Players will be able to choose one of the 30 hero characters pre-installed in the game depending on the unique features that character brings. In the game, players will support each other while on a mission to destroy the enemy and protect their base for a limited time of the round. If the player’s group completes the target task, they will receive rewards such as character skins or victory poses. In addition, the game also has a competition mode of the rankings, if the player’s team wins consecutive wins, they can register on the world gold table. Because of the unique gameplay that this game has brought, it has won over 50 million players as soon as it was released with $ 1 billion in revenue.

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