The Evil Within

Genre Other
Region EU , JP , AU
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
ReleasedNA: October 14, 2014
EU: October 14, 2014
AU: October 16, 2014
JP: October 23, 2014

For those of you who have seen American horror movies, you will surely know the horrible killings of this crazy murderer. Similar to the series, the video game “The Evil Within” will also take you to the thrilling survival action of the characters as they try to escape that serial killer. Entering the game “The Evil Within” you will take on the role of a protagonist named Sebastian Castellanos, who is entangled in a nightmare world with terrible creatures. Players will be able to control the character from the perspective of the third person. The player’s task is to try to escape from the nightmare bosses with bloody killing blades. Each region the player participates in will have diverse villains with different types of killing, players must use their tactics to avoid traps, use invisible to escape from enemies and Collect items to complete the mission. When the player finds a safe spot in the play area, they will find nurse Tatiana and be moved to a new play area.

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