Genre Other
Region EU , AU
Publisher Square Enix
ReleasedNA: February 25, 2014
AU: February 27, 2014
EU: February 28, 201

Are you tired of the experience of a true person in the series of compassionate games? Do you want to play a villain? Fine! Coming to “Thief” you will be able to fully experience those expectations. “Thief” will turn you into a dark thief Garrett with stealthy looting in society. Your task is to control the character to infiltrate richly protected castles to conduct a historical theft. You will use your unrivaled skills in hidden situations and obstacles. Entering the game, you will be provided with all of Garrett’s weapons to defeat the guards and extinguish the light in the rooms. Once you penetrate the mission locations, you will have to scoop out all valuables in the room and non-valuables but can be used to fight. When the mission is completed, you will have to collect loot and earn a trophy to unlock a new chapter. With a capacity of 20.32 GB, you will be able to download this game immediately to your console so you can experience it for yourself.

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