Titanfall 2

Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Electronic Arts
ReleasedOctober 28, 2016

2016’s best shooting game is definitely here, “Titanfall 2”. This is a shooting game set in the context of sci-fi space, players will participate in the game with the various game modes installed in the game. Entering the game, players will control Titans, a pilot of an astronaut embarking on a mission to stop the evil IMC corporation. Like previous versions, players will participate in the game with a first-person perspective, either as a pilot or a robot fighting on the crew. Players will be provided with combat energy weapons and a shield to participate in the enemy attack. Accompanying with the player’s character will be the Titanfall watch, it will follow the character while they fight in the game and be slowly filled when the player damages the opponent or kills them. When Titanfall is filled up, it will summon Titans from the sky to deploy a Titanfall to help players destroy enemies. In addition to the task of destroying the enemy, the player must also participate in solving puzzles arranged throughout the environment to unlock the next playing area.

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