TowerFall Ascension

Genre Action
Region WW
Publisher Matt Makes Games
ReleasedJune 25, 2013

The video game set was inspired by the GoldlenEye 007 or Bushido Blade games, but it was impossible to fail without mentioning “TowerFall Ascension”. It is not wrong to say that it succeeds in the commercial field when it has earned a huge amount of revenue right after its release with $105,000, an admirable number that has never been seen in any game when it was released worldwide. “TowerFall Ascension” is known as a platform fighting game in which players fight each other with arrows from their bow. In the multiplayer mode of “TowerFall Ascension” players will be able to participate in matches with up to 4 players. They will be fighting each other in a certain area until only one person survives the game. Each arrow hits a character they will end their game and will watch the battles of the rest until the end. In addition to the single-player mode, you will be able to experience attractive target attacks yourself until the end of the battle.

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