Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region WW
Publisher Supergiant Games
ReleasedWW: May 20, 2014

One of the most unique sci-fi game sets of this electronic playground must mention the “Transistor” game. That’s right, this is the best action role-playing game in the game genre. With 1 million copies sold right after release, it must be said how the game has attracted the attention of gamers around the world. Known as the genre of science fiction game, its graphics must be called the top of the peak with a series of extremely elaborate structures. Entering the game, you will be transformed into the game’s main character, Red, a famous singer who is being attacked by Process. She is provided with a special Transistor weapon, a sword that contains many mysterious abilities that even she herself does not know. Your task is to lead the player through the obstacles established in the game levels to help Red destroy the enemies arranged in it with his Transistor sword. Each new ability of the Transistor will be found when players complete the game levels.

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