Trials Fusion

Genre Platformer , Racing
Region WW
Publisher Ubisoft
ReleasedNA: April 15, 2014
PAL: April 16, 2014

Coming to the “Trials Fusion” video game series, players will experience the most thrilling racing moments in the racing games of the previous game versions. “Trials Fusion” will take players to the arcade game about real sports, in which they control a playable character on a motorbike to overcome obstacles in the race. Unlike other racing games, if the player wants to control the vehicle that is uphill or flipping in the air, they must control the weight of the character in the car to be able to perform the steps physics. Entering the “Trials Fusion” game, the player will be instructed by the system how to move in the game by the foreplay game, each path that the player goes through will have physical instructions to help the player. It can control the weight of the character when racing. Overcoming that challenge, the player will be given a basic racing car system so that players can start their journey. With this newly designed gameplay, “Trials Fusion” has earned a huge turnover with over 1.7 million copies of the game sold.

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