Tricky Towers

Genre Puzzle
Region WW
Publisher WeirdBeard
Released2 August 2016

In your childhood, who has not experienced the puzzle game on the video game machine? If not, download the “Tricky Towers” game right away. It will take you back to your childhood with this disguised game. “Tricky Towers” was developed based on the previous puzzle game, but instead it developed more unique game modes to help players can experience the diverse gameplay but no less attractive. This is a building block puzzle set developed for PlayStation 4 consoles. Other than that “Tricky Towers” will have random drop effects of bricks when unbalanced and it is can drop the whole block that they can fold if unfortunately placed in the wrong position of the puzzle. “Tricky Towers” will support players with 3 unique game modes: Race, Survival, and Puzzle. In which players can choose the difficulty level easy to conduct a game to compete with rivals. Players will be able to choose a wizard avatar when entering the game to help them change the block physics when it comes to the difficulty of the tower. If the player builds a cube tower to the finish line first without breaking they will win.

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