Tropico 5

Genre Simulator
Region EU , JP
Publisher Kalypso Media
ReleasedEU: 24 April 2015
NA: 28 April 2015
JP: 25 June 2015

Escape the fiery battles you’ve been passionate about, you want to experience an exciting time with the construction of your own hands and turn a deserted island into a living place your expensive hometown? Coming to the game “Tropico 5”, you will have a very attractive time with thrilling projects waiting for you to develop. “Tropico 5” will introduce you to cities built on deserted islands with fierce competition from other online players first developed in the Tropico game series. Entering the game “Tropico 5” you will build a dream city just for you by the architecture you made yourself. The player’s task is to embark on building accommodation for the island’s citizens to make them happy to sustainably develop the neighbourhood. Players can perform the missions given in the game to earn extra money and experience points for their construction. Additional trading, research and improvement features are added in the game so that players can exchange goods with other online players for their city.

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