WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17
Console PS4
Publisher 2K Sports
Genre Sport
Region WW
Views 1,447
Downloads 186
Released WW: October 11, 2016
2.7/5 (7 votes)

If you are familiar with the first series of WWE series games, you probably won’t miss the “WWE 2K17” limited edition. This is one of the wrestling games that shows Brock Lesnar the beast around the world. Coming to Suplex, you will experience the wrestling matches to win the WWE video game championships. The game is added with new features and movements as the player can feel the true feelings coming from the game arena. The game screen will vibrate when the player is attacked and knocked down an enemy pond. This is one of the most interesting points of the game that brings when the authentic feeling on the screen is transmitted to the player. Entering the game, you will be allowed to create your own competition character to fight the opponent. At the start of the game, both of you will take turns attacking each other with your own skills to defeat the opponent. While the final whistle blows the game, if a player fails to jump to attack the enemy again, they will lose and the game will end.

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