Armen Noir Portable

Genre Adventure
Region JP
Publisher Idea Factory
ReleasedApril 12, 2012

Nasca, a Grade A bounty hunter who lives and works for Zecs, the leader of the Bountiers, is a man who never kills criminals but always submits them to the state of living, she is introduced hunt for the bounty with the anonymous Nazca name. But Zecs was disappointed with her because he really wanted her to be his killing machine, a powerful henchman. Nasca deeply pondered the thought of destroying the criminals to remove the bounty that the government hangs for his head, or to keep the notion of killing them. Revolving around the plot, you will play the role of Nasca and try to develop your relationship with other male characters through following the story and making your own choices. Each of your choices will make the story develop in a different direction, which will also give the game a multitude of different endings. Also, through the main storyline, the horrifying details about the darkness of the city of Bountiers are gradually revealed, and from here, players will discover the truth about Nasca’s clones. Coming to Armen Noir Portable, it seems that you are just watching a movie, but the special thing is this film is directed by you.

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