Console PSP
Publisher LLC , SouthPeak Interactive
Genre Action
Region EU , US
Downloads 5
Released August 5, 2008
2.7/5 (3 votes)
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Street arts are popular and bring so many interesting things, so there is no reason to escape the view of the developers. As a result, B-Boy was born, published on the PSP and included in the list of rhythm games. It has no storyline, most levels and progress is just competing on the dance floor of the studio against rivals called avatars. The main mode is called Livin ‘Da Life, where the real battle begins. With each given song and a set amount of time, you make a list of the actions the system requires. They appear on the right side of the screen. Depending on the melody, excitement, lightness, or rush, the dance technique will change. It can be a Salsa Back, Indian Step, or a little harder and faster is Butterfly Twist 540, Willmilk, … In general, the gameplay is a straight flow, without many turns. The only thing to bring about an excitement feeling is to change the style of the character. Although at first, the system allowed them to style their hair, clothes, and face features. Visit the store for a variety of unique options, and fit the style you want. Do the thing that you think is suitable for a long dancing competition.

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