Battle Spirits – Hero’s Soul

Battle Spirits – Hero’s Soul
Console PSP
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region JP
Downloads 2
Released March 11, 2010
5/5 (1 vote)
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With Battle Spirits – Hero’s Soul, the player will be transformed into a character who makes a trip to another planet so that he can return home to fight defeating monsters. Entering the game you will be able to choose the appearance for the character from the hair, skin color, … to the smallest details from this eye color, hair, …. are also free to choose. After that the quest will appear, asking your character to join the unlocked play area. In each area there will be many different monsters, they do not appear at the same time but appear in turn after each time you finish defeating a Boss, the next Boss will appear. To destroy them, you not only attack with modern weapons but also need to move around causing distractions that make them unable to attack your character (help your blood not to be consumed). At the end of the battle in each battle area, there will be two-planet rotation gates for you to choose, one to help you return home, one to take you to the new planet to fight so be careful to choose!

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