Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

Genre Other
Region US , EU , Asia
Publisher Capcom
ReleasedMarch 22, 2006

Bursting with retro gameplay, Capcom Classics Collection Remixed is a mobile arcade synthesizer that creates a vast collection of 20 game versions divided into two episodes. Each episode is accompanied by different extras on artwork, music, tactics, and even cast profiles. All of the extras are usually unlocked by setting high scores. Or complete special missions such as collecting Yashichi, chewing gum in Finak Fight, etc. Along with that, all the games in the episodes have advanced options such as fast firing, moving at high speed. Achieving high scores, players will be allowed to save all games in all three different levels, as usual, Hardcore, or custom (rotate both degrees first). Although all the games in the collection are kept the same way to play against all opponents with guns based on drones, it will be many different methods of competition in the game. The costumes have also been changed in the “Versus Deluxe” mode, but in the Balrog version, the character will own the yellow dress, red gloves, the Hyper Fighting version will own the orange / yellow costume, gloves red,…

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