Crimson Gem Saga

Genre Role-Playing
Region US
Publisher SEGA
ReleasedOctober 23, 2008

In a mysterious planet sustained by the Tree of Life. However, 100 years after the Tree of Life died, the goblins on the earth gradually died. Brimhi, the queen possessing the eternal youth of trolls, decided to give up her child to revive the Tree of Life to save her subjects. But she did not expect that in order to repay the Crimson Gem’s people with half-body, half-love body looking for the power of divine birthdays to reverse the situation and restore their youth. Killian von Rohcoff – a newly graduated student at Green Hill Chevalier Academy with a commendable achievement, with great gratitude for his queen for trying to find ways to prolong her youth. Notwithstanding Killian’s hard work, he found a way to save Brimhil, a Crimson Gem on a distant heart. Without waiting any longer, he decided to go to see this gem.

Crimson Gem Saga retains the principle of casual role-playing video games, but the plus point for this version is that solidarity is enhanced when matches can only be won by combining all the power of members of the group. Start playing, first will be given a map that fights the position of the character, and monster positions will also be granted, but it will appear suddenly requiring players to be alert. When the area of the monster and the character appear on the same location on the map, the fight between the nature and the computer (monsters in the game) will be started. Compared to other games of the same genre, this release has increased the difficulty so much, that’s when the player touches the monster icon (requires battle to take place) while the monster is facing away, the character will receive a preliminary attack and demand the forces of all team members. That is, before requesting a battle, you must inform your teammates in advance so they have a preparation in progress or failure will be very likely. On a side note, if the monster has a “!” appears on the head means that the enemy might be preparing for a battle with but waiting for a preemptive attack, so it is necessary to combine all of its members to make for action quickly.

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